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HEXXEE was founded by best mates Ben Cox, professional cricketer, and Jon Hollway, a once print shop owner. A simple moment over wings and a duck salad, with the mutual agreement of being funkier and equally, if not better, in performance than STANCE, the idea was cemented.

Initially focused on grip socks, due to Ben's sporting background, then expanding into a wider audience with their funky socks, HEXXEE was born and became quickly established as some of the best and funkiest performance socks out there. The HEXXEE logo based around the universal 'PLAY' logo is used to identify HEXXEE socks as socks you'd play in, train in and be active in.

Here at athluxe we're stoked to be a UK partner stocking what we genuinely believe to be the best performance socks you can buy. Perfect for all types of training from running to gyming - the fact they're funky, is just a HUGE added bonus!



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