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HEXXEE Turtle SocksGimme some Finn, Noggin'...DUUUUUUDE! Features:Supreme Protection - HEXXEE socks have built in archsupport with plush cushioning at the ankle and forefoot to help absorb impact, thus preventing injury.Feel The Difference - Enhanced air flow for improved breathability, with a snug secure fit designed specifically to the shape of your foot.Experience The Luxury - Enjoy the comfort of HEXXEE deluxe cotton blend against your skin. HEXXEE 1.0 Socks are designed with four-yarn terry loops to create a supremely soft and supportive athletic sock.Circulation Benefits - 15 mmHg compression level socks, which set the standard for proper circulation. Material:50% Dry fit Polyester, 40% Cotton and 10% Elastane

HEXXEE Turtle Socks


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